Company Introduction

                    Xincheng Automotive Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 1992. It is the core supporting member  of 11 OEMs, such as SGM, FAW-VW, Guangzhou Honda, DHEC, Dongfeng Honda(Wuhan) Motor, SVW, DPCA, DYKMC and so on. 


                    9 Subsidiaries of JSXC

                        1、Xincheng Automotive Industrial Co.,Ltd

                        2、Guangzhou Xincheng Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd

                        3、Yancheng Xincheng Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd

                        4、Shenyang Xincheng Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd

                        5、Wuhan Xincheng Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd

                        6、Zhengzhou Xincheng Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd

                        7、Changchun Xincheng Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd

                        8、Yantai Xincheng Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd

                        9、Jingjiang Xincheng Die Base


                    The registered capital of Jiangsu Xincheng is 50 million RMB. It integrates product development、tool making and part manufacturing. Now the company owns 2100 staffs. 

                    The parts manufactured by Jiangsu Xincheng are all accepted by its OEMS. The quality has achieved CKD level. The products are developed from small stamping parts to large stamping parts, engine heat proof plates, pedal assemble parts, body welding assembles, engine tubing parts. The process is developed into welding, assembling,  elbowing and so on.