Company View of Talent


                     We can offer you a space to make full use of your skills.

                        we can give you time to show your ability.

                        we can furnish you with an opportunity to start a brand new career.


                    Today's achievement of Xincheng is the result of all Xincheng people's common efforts. It is also the result of Xincheng's "talents first" strategy. Xincheng is a hot land with urgent need of talents and also a hub for talent.


                    With its unique enterprise culture, Xincheng has created a good growth environment and career development prospect for talents. It has always been adhered to the human resource policy of retaining the talented via career opportunities, feelings of brotherhood and benefits. Innovation has been implemented on recruitment, selection, training, incentive and restrictive mechanism and performance assessment to gradually build up a scientific human resource management system.


                    Xincheng has come up with the idea of "using talents with no much limit" and encourages an "open, equality, competition and merit "employment mechanism. No matter what you do, as long as you have shown your talents and potential you will receive plenty of recognition.


                    Xincheng has developed a good atmosphere of respecting knowledge and talents, dedication and fairness so that every competent and dedicated employee could exploit his talent. "there is phoenix tree in home , phoenix will come voluntarily" Xincheng has provided a vast arena for the talented to display their ability. "Freely, Fish enjoy a good swim in broad ocean and Bird soar in clean sky." Xincheng is open for talents to come and let's join hands for greater prosperity.