Shenyang Xincheng

                    1.Geographical position

                    Shenyang Xincheng is located at No.29, Xuanshun south road, Section C of motor city, Dadong district, Shenyang city.

                    2.Basic construction

                    The company covers an area of 53,469㎡(80.2 Mu),invested 0.12 billion RBM, building area is 34,854㎡. The project has two phases construction. The first phase construction is 

                    welding assembly, shippment and office, covering an area of 26,712㎡, start to build on 2 March 2013, put into production in April 2014. The second phase construction is the 

                    stamping area, covering an area of 8,142㎡,plan to finish factory building at the end of November 2014.

                    3.Welding equipment(total 78 sets)

                    (1)Welding(63 sets)

                    1)8 robots welding lines, total 46 sets of spot welding robots and 3 sets of arc welding robots. Amongst two D2SC welding lines; two D15 welding lines; one D216 integrated welding 

                    line; one C140 integrated welding line; one D01 spot welding line; one D15 robot arc welding line.

                    2)One hand made line, 14 sets, amongst 8 sets of suspended welding, 6 sets of projection welding 

                    (2)Stamping (15 sets)

                    1)A line closed 5 sets, plan to install at the end of November.(800TB 1set、630TB 2sets、400TB 2sets)

                    2)B line open 5 sets, plan to invest in 2015(400TK 2sets、250TK 3 sets);

                    3)C line progressive die 2, put into production at the end of December (1 line of 300T, 1 line of 160T)

                    4)3 Rolling lines 

                    4.Project development situation

                    (1)Project of active parts: six vehicles of 201、258、C140、D01 、D15、 D2SC. Main parts: 

                    Sunroof frame assembly, Dash board assembly, Rear base plate assembly, Rear front eaves board assembly, Rear side member assembly, Water tank assembly, Rocker assembly, Tail 

                    light bracket assembly;

                    (2)In the recognized project D216, main parts: Water tank assembly, Light bracket assembly, Rear end plate assembly, Front bridge of nose assembly;

                    (3)In the developing project D206, main parts: Water tank assembly, Hinge reinforcement, Light bracket assembly.

                    5.Organization structure

                    (1)6 branches are subject to deputy general manager, production department manager. They are: Production dept., Quality Assurance dept., Sales dept., Purchasing and logistics dept., Person-nel dept., Financial dept.

                    (2)Now it has 252 employees, including 8 staffs dispatched by the headquarter, and the rest are recruited in the local area.